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I recently wrote a very popular article about the workflow I use for managing my clients and giving them an exceptional experience. That article outlined my wedding workflow process in a checklist format and I have received so much feedback about how helpful that article was for other wedding photographers. You can check out that blog post HERE. So I decided to write another article to expand upon the systems and tools I use to run a successful wedding photography business and which ones are worth investing time and money into. These are my own opinions and some of the links on this page are affiliate links.

  1. A client management system. 
    1. I could write a novel on why having a client management system will change your business. I won’t. I’ll leave it at this: do you want to run your business in a way that makes your clients feel like they are taken care of and important? You need a client management system. My personal favorite is Dubsado. You can get 20% off your subscription with them using my link HERE. I have been with Dubsado since 2017, and my clients are constantly telling me how professional and beautiful my client system is. Need help setting it up? Grab our Wedding Workflow Checklist. 
  2. Pause Inbox
    1. Do you know what scope creep is? It’s when you let your boundaries shift and change to adapt to things your clients ask that are NOT within your zone of genius and job description. A good way to nip that in the bud is boundaries. One of the best tools I use for boundary setting is to pause my inbox when I am not in the office–after 3pm and on the weekends. Those times are reserved for my family and events I am working. Why should my inbox take priority during those times? Boomerang for Gmail has a feature called “Pause Inbox” that will literally pause new emails coming into your inbox. It’s free! I turn it on as the last thing I do before I shut down my work day. 
  3. Showit 
    1. You need a fantastic website. Period. One of the best platforms I have found is Showit. I love it because you can create your own website or have a designer make one for you. Want to uplevel your wedding business? Start using custom proposals. We created one just for you using Showit. You can grab that HERE. 

These are a few of the tools that I love to use for my business. Over the past 10 years in business, I have amassed dozens of resources and tools for entrepreneurs. I share those resources in my free Facebook group for female wedding pros and female coaches and I have self paced courses and live group courses. You can check out my shop HERE and join the free Facebook group HERE to keep up to date on all the ways you can work with me.


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