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After a decade of being in the wedding industry, I have built solid systems and workflows that have served me well and kept me fully booked every year. Today, I’m going to share how I make my clients feel well taken care of throughout their time with our team. I even have a workflow checklist for you to get you started creating your own workflow! You can grab that HERE. This checklist does not include our emails, templates, or any in-depth information. It is intended to be used as a reference as you build your own workflow.

You have probably heard the word workflow but you may not know how to create a repeatable process for every client. That’s where a workflow comes in. A solid workflow allows you to bring so much more value to your clients and over time allows you to raise your prices. It also allows you to get your time back, look more professional, and become more efficient.

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I use Dubsado for my client management, and I love it! You can get 20% off your order with them using my link HERE. I have been with Dubsado since 2017, and my clients are constantly telling me how professional and beautiful my client system is. There are quite a few great client management systems out there. I used Honeybook for several years and it worked very well for me. You can get 50% off your Honeybook subscription using THIS LINK. I made the switch to Dubsado when I realized I needed and wanted more customization. It’s important to know that you can build a solid workflow in any client management system.

Tip: Before you start putting your workflow into a system like Dubsado, map out every touchpoint you want your clients to have with you on a piece of paper. That’s exactly what the Wedding Workflow Checklist does.

Here are a few of the touch points our clients have with our team during our time together:

  1. After Booking Questionnaire
  2. Favorite Things Questionnaire
  3. Wedding Packing List

That’s only a peek into our workflow. Our workflow checklist has 12 touchpoints that we take all of our clients through in our CRM. This is a baseline of our communication with the clients and is filled in as the client has questions via email. If you want to see more, grab our Wedding Workflow Checklist. This checklist does not include our emails, templates, or any in-depth information. It is intended to be used as a reference as you build your own workflow.

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