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Aislinn here. I am so excited to have the wonderful Tiffany Napper on the blog today telling you all about the CEO mindset and how she is making waves in the creative industry! Enjoy today’s blog post all about mindset, CEO lifestyle, and Leveling Up your creative business.

1. Please introduce yourself!

Hi there! I’m Tiffany, I’m a Louisiana gal living in Nashville, TN. I’m a decade-strong entrepreneur, PR and branding expert, Holistic business coach for creative women growing their passionate empires, yogi, Francophile, and dog mom.

Back in 2010, I was traveling the world running PR for Yamaha artist relations, working with international stars including John Legend, Elton John, and Sara Bareilles. By all outside accounts, I had a sweet gig, but I felt a pull, that inner nagging that there was something else I was destined to do. II knew that I could make an impact helping creatives grow their brand awareness and ultimately, grow their businesses, so I took the leap into entrepreneurship and I’ve never looked back.

Fast forward 10 years, and, wow, I had no idea what was coming. I’m happy to report my PR and branding agency is stronger than ever, and in 2020, we were named one of the best PR firms in New Orleans.

My gut has never steered me wrong, so continuing to follow that pull, in March of 2020, I launched my coaching program and an online community for creative business women. The Upleveler Society is what I like to call a safe landing spot – somewhere to learn, share wins, and ultimately find camaraderie on the journey. 

Helping a personal trainer launch the online fitness community she’s been dreaming of or watching a painter fully evolve into a confident CEO after laboring through the business owner journey for years is truly the most rewarding experience I’ve ever had. Women are so much more capable than they give themselves credit! And I’m just tickled pink that my 10+ years of experience – the good and the bad – can now help others launch, scale, and thrive.

2. In your experience, what is the difference between a CEO mindset versus an employee mindset?

I’m a huge fan of Gerber’s book, The E-Myth, and in it, he talks about the 3 personalities of a business owner: the entrepreneur, the manager, and the technician. In my opinion, when we are an employee, we only have to wear one of those hats: either the technician hat if you’re an expert at your craft, or the manager hat if you’re managing people. But as a CEO, we have to wear all 3 hats — or know when to hire someone to wear the other hats.

As a CEO, we can’t just focus on doing great work. That’s where it usually starts, but if you stop there, your business will hit a ceiling and you’ll end up in a never ending loop of trading time for money. This is what causes burnout. To make more money, you have to work more or charge more. 

The CEO needs to focus on where the business is going, how it can adapt to people’s needs and wants, and how to grow and scale. Essentially as a CEO, your mind needs to be focused on the present and the future: where are you now and where do you want to be? As an employee, you simply need to focus on doing the work and hitting the goals laid out to you. Your job isn’t to be the visionary. But as a CEO, you get to be the visionary! How cool is that? 

3. Do you have any tips for managing your time more wisely?

Time management is a bit of an illusion – we think if we can manage our time better, we will intrinsically become more successful. But at the end of the day, your success is directly tied to clear direction and goals. With that clarity, you will make better use of your time. 

For example, if you decide to time batch for the sake of productivity, it isn’t going to help your bottom line if you time batch a bunch of blog posts, but your big picture goals are to secure 5 new high-ticket clients. You should be time batching tasks that put you in direct contact with potential customers, not blog posts. If you want to manage your time more wisely, you need to take an afternoon and get really clear on the direction of your company: what goals do you need to hit to see growth? Prioritize that and everything else will fall into place.

4. What are the biggest mistakes and pitfalls you see business owners making?

I think one of the most detrimental mistakes we make as entrepreneurs is trying to do it all alone. We simply can’t be an expert in everything, and we also don’t do ourselves any favors when we don’t ask for support when we need it – whether that’s emotional support on a rough day, or expert support from a tech guru or a coach. When we assume we should be able to do it all – or when we doubt that we can afford to hire help – we end up spending our time doing things that are below our pay grade or way out of our expertise. And we all know that time is money. It’s also finite. Take it from someone who learned the hard way — there are only 24 hours in a day, and hustling them away does not turn you into a more successful CEO!

Which would you rather: hire a tech expert and get your online course up and running so you can start securing sales for the next 2 months, or spend 2 months figuring out the tech and get frustrated because it’s month 3 and you still haven’t earned a penny? At the end of the day, you have to trust yourself. Trust that you can make the hire because your business idea is brilliant and the world needs it yesterday. Trust that your business will be profitable. Trust that your time is valuable. Trust that your cup needs to be filled in order for you to be the best CEO version of you. 

5. What are the hallmarks of a CEO? 

In order to truly thrive as a CEO – and to me thriving means financial abundance AND a joy-filled journey – you need to have a few handy tools in your back pocket: self-trust, confidence, curiosity, and humility. There will be bumps in the road, there will be setbacks, and there will be people who try to steer you off course. But there will also be highs like no other, there will be serendipitous moments that are really the result of your hard work, and there will be people rooting for you. The only thing you can control is yourself, so whatever you do, don’t leave home without a strong belief in yourself and the value you bring to the world.

6. How can people work with you?  

Let’s Uplevel Your Business is my intimate group coaching program that moves creatives from a state of confusion and exhaustion to total clarity. I’ve put my heart and soul into this program – it’s 10+ years of entrepreneurial lessons rolled into one holistic business crash course that leaves you with a total CEO glow up! With 10 weeks dedicated to building a strong foundation, tuning in to your target customer, and nourishing your soul, my students experience a monetary and energetic shift. Featuring weekly live calls, recorded lessons, a physical workbook, and epic accountability partners, Let’s Uplevel is great for newbies or veterans who are ready to guide their business to the next level with more ease.

If you’re a dive-into-the-deep end type of achiever, my 3-Day Expansion Retreat is a virtual retreat for creative business owners who know they need to spend some time working on their business to see their dreams come to life. Your custom curriculum is created based on your needs and could include branding audits, system building, content creation strategies, email nurture sequence creation, PR pitches, money mindset work, and more. This first-class experience is great for CEOs who are ready to turn on OOO and tick off 6 big picture tasks before the weekend arrives.


IG: @TiffanyNapper 


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