Custom Proposal Examples for Wedding Photographers and When You Know You’re Ready to Implement Them



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Custom proposals are not a new concept in the wedding industry and are widely used among the highest brackets of wedding vendors. In the wedding industry, a lot of mass education pushes for the 3 package system; which has its place, but if you are a photographer leveling up into a new price bracket it will not serve you well. 

Let’s first start this entire conversation off by saying: custom proposals are not for everyone and not everyone is going to like them. 

Now if you’re still reading, I am guessing that means that you either know that you want to use custom proposals in your wedding photography business or you are intrigued by the concept and want to know more. Let’s talk about what a custom proposal is, why we strongly believe in them, and when to know you are ready to implement them.

**note–I have seen custom proposals work for many disciplines (photographer, planner, stationery artist, videographer, etc). I will be mostly speaking to photographers in the article but it can apply to you as well!

What is A Custom Proposal?

A custom proposal relies on you knowing your offers and having a minimum investment and services and being able to add on additional services and products at the time of the proposal. We work with wedding planners all over the country and after we have established a relationship with them, we send the planner a Minimum Investment Guide so that they can refer their clients to us and know that our services fall within that client’s budget. If you are planning on using custom proposals, you’ll want to have a Minimum Investment Guide to send out to planners. 

Here’s an example of what a custom proposal might look like: 

Love this style? You can grab the Showit template from our shop HERE.

Am I Ready to Implement a Custom Proposal?

So how do you know when you’re ready to implement custom proposals into your wedding business? Ask yourself these questions: 

  1. Are clients taking things out of the packages I have created to make their own version? 
  2. Have I recently raised my prices?
  3. Am I building relationships with full-service planners who serve luxury clients? 

Real Talk.

Let’s get real. If you’re a photographer charging $3,500 for your services, you do not need to build custom proposals. Your clients will not appreciate or like it. If you’re a photographer charging $8,000 for your services, it’s probably time to implement custom proposals if you haven’t already. 

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