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The shop is officially OPEN. Check it out HERE.

If you have been watching my social media recently, you might have noticed me talking about a FREE training series. Well it’s finally here!!!

We are teaching a 3-day training video series on how to genuinely connect with planners and land dream weddings.

My goal is to have all of you walk away with something you can act on NOW to improve your business as we head into booking season. 

The Ais Portraits Education Shop is offically open. Check it out HERE.

Have you ever felt frustrated, stuck, or feel like giving up because you can’t figure out how to get to those DREAM weddings with DREAM planners? Heads up, they don’t just fall into your lap when you hit a certain number of years in business. 

Have you tried…

❌ Telling yourself it just takes time for the “right people” to notice you

❌ Networking groups where you feel like you can’t get anyone’s attention

❌ Reaching out to planners only to have them ghost you

❌ Raising your prices only to lower them when no one is inquiring

If you’ve said UM YES to any of those, you’re not alone. That’s why we are doing a 3 day training series that will be covering all of those topics and more.

Here’s what you’ll learn:

✅ Exactly how to reach out to those dream wedding planners and vendors

 How to build custom proposals and why you need them

✅ What business documents you need as you raise your prices

✅ How to create genuine relationships with planners that will turn into referrals

Come join me at my FREE online training series, How to Create Genuine Relationships & Land Dream Weddings.


Can’t wait to see you there!



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