Wardrobe Update: What I’ll be Wearing for Summer Weddings



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One of the fun things about the off season is preparing for busy seasons. That means buying new equipment, diving deeper into education, and (I saved the best for last) clothes shopping!!! Every year, I have several outfits for each wedding season that I wear on a wedding day. When I am photographing a wedding I want to be comfortable but I also need to match the formality of the event. I’m not going to wear the same outfit to a beach wedding and a botanical garden wedding. 

Here’s a few behind the scenes of my wedding day outfits in action!

This year, quite a few of our spring weddings were postponed until late summer. While we are bummed they are dealing with postponing,  we are excited to celebrate with our clients on their big day! Most years, my weddings fall in the cooler months of spring and fall which means longer sleeves and pants for me on a wedding day. This year will be a big change for my wardrobe! So today I am sharing with you what I will be wearing for all of the summer and early fall weddings because it’s going to be HOT outside and I need to stay cool. Ready to follow along on my shopping adventure? 


Okay let’s start with shoes. I have had my Rothy’s for 3 years now and they are insanely comfortable. I wear them to most weddings and portrait sessions. 

This year, I decided to get a few new pairs of Rothy’s and I am PUMPED. I’ll be able to switch out my shoes halfway through the day so my feet don’t hurt. 
These are the beauties I’ll be rocking this wedding season. 

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Athleta has been my obsession since last year when I tried their SkyLine II pants. They are the most comfortable and well made pants I have ever worn. I have them in 3 colors and wear them all the time. This year, I am ordering a pair of the Skyline pants in a tan color for my July and August weddings. These pants are breathable so I know they will do well in the summer heat. 


Again have I mentioned I love Athleta? This summer season, I will be wearing these Athleta tops. For our church weddings, I’ll be bringing a light weight cardigan to respect the sanctity of the churches we will be in. Here’s a few of my favorite tops that I will be wearing this summer wedding season.

So which pieces were your favorites? I am excited for wedding season to get started!!



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