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Picking out items for your wedding registry can be SO much fun!! I remember when William and I began picking out items to put on our registry and at first it was a little overwhelming. Which is why today I am giving you some tips on where to register and what is worth registering for! 

We asked our brides where they registered and here were the top contenders: 

Top places to register: 

  1. Crate and Barrel is best for kitchen items like plates, glasses, cutting boards, specialty gadgets like pasta makers. 
  2. Pottery Barn is our favorite place for linens and furniture pieces like nightstands.
  3. Bed Bath and Beyond has so many options and is great for gadgets and electronics like vacuum cleaners or iron.

What to Register for:

So now let’s talk about the best things that we registered for! It’s important that you family and friends have options within different budgets. Your friend from college will probably not have the same budget as your parents for your wedding gift. Below are the best items we registered for in each budget bracket:

Expensive and Excessive

Breville The Barista Express Espresso Machine

I knew I wanted an espresso maker but they were wildly outside of our budget. On a whim, I put the Breville Espresso Maker on our wedding registry and that ended up being the gift my dad purchased from us. We use this coffee machine ALL THE TIME. 

Expensive but Practical

A nice duvet from Pottery Barn 

Nice linens are expensive but I always dreamed of having matching sheets that weren’t from Target. We like the PB Essential sheets and the Belgian Linen quilts. 

Mid range and Mainstream

Lodge cast Iron Skillet

If you love cooking or want to learn how to cook, having a cast iron skillet is a must! Our first cast iron skillet was a 10 inch Lodge.

Mid Range and Unique

Local Artist

You can register with local shops and artists. If you have a monogram, your friends or family could have your monogram printed onto a cutting board or pillow. Empress Stationery has a really cool home shop you should check out!

Budget Friendly

Small kitchen items

Some of the best budget friendly things we registered for were kitchen related. Like glass bowls for food preparation, measuring cups, and airtight food containers. 

I hope this guide gives you some guidance on what to register for. Every couple will be different. You may be combining households and not need the essentials or you may live separately and need ALL the essentials. Make sure you sit down and do the registering together so that you both have things on the registry that you are excited about! And have fun! It’s exciting to dream about your married life together! 



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