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William and I had 1 car between us for almost 18 months! When we moved from Florida to Alabama, we decided to carpool. And, for the most part it worked. Recently, we had started to do research on what type of SUV we might want to get next year. Today, I’m sharing our experience with Lexus of Huntsville and why we ultimately chose a certified pre-owned Lexus over all the competition.

1. Amazing Customer Service

When we walked into every car dealership in Huntsville, we were greeted and asked a series of questions to determine our needs and wants. At the Lexus dealership, we worked with an amazing salesmen, Derrick Hill. When he asked us a question, he really listened to our answers and didn’t respond until he had a solution or a follow up question to get more information. He didn’t focus on telling us a rehearsed script about why their cars are the best or what sets them apart. Derrick and the rest of the Lexus staff gave us information and let us leave to go home and make an informed decision. A luxury brand gives you amazing customer service and shows you the benefits of their products not just the features. William and I had several options from Derrick and we were able to go home and decide which one fit our needs best without the high pressure.

2. Unexpected Benefits

One of the unexpected benefits of buying a Lexus is they have experts on their staff for most parts of the car. We were introduced to several other staff members during our time at the Lexus dealership. One of the staff specializes in the computer system in the cars, and you can even make an appointment with him to learn what all of the buttons do! It was really comforting knowing that we had access to someone who can pass knowledge on to us that will make our experience with our car even better.

3. Pre-Owned Warranties

One of the options William and I looked at was a new Lexus, but we ultimately went with the pre-owned because we could get more features on a car that was 2 years old and in near perfect condition. I was really grateful that our salesmen, Derrick, showed us this option because we wouldn’t have known about it otherwise. The Lexus NX we bought has a wonderful warranty on it and it still had some of the backseat plastic on it.

4. Quality 

Over the course of 3 months, I went to the Lexus of Huntsville dealership 5 times. To gather information, to test drive different cars, to talk about numbers and timeframes. And every time, I was treated like I could afford the most expensive car in the building. I was treated like an informed buyer. I was valued even before I became a customer. And that’s why when it finally came time for us to buy a car, we bought a Lexus. It’s not just the quality of the car we bought but the quality of the team who works there.

5. Our Car!

One of the reasons we loved our experience the most is the car we bought! We settled on a 2017 Lexus NX suv and it’s a dream to drive. I wanted an suv that I can have clients sit comfortably in the backseat and still have my equipment in the back. I wanted a car that we could go on long road trips together and my back wouldn’t hurt after an hour. I wanted a car that would last us for many years to come. And I think we knocked it out of the park with what we got.


Thank you to the team at Lexus of Huntsville for the amazing experience. Especially to Derrick Hill. You were wonderful and we can’t imagine having anyone else walk us through the car buying process.



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