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Today I am reviewing one of my favorite business tools that I use. Dubsado! If you have worked with me in the past year, you know how awesome Dubsado is. During the summer of 2017, I went to the Creative at Heart Conference with my sweet friend Cami Monet(an amazing calligrapher). Cami told me all about this client management system she was using, and I was in awe when she showed me the behind the scenes. I signed up for the Dubsado trial and started exploring my options. After going through the trial period and having a FREE one on one consultation with a Dubsado employee(shout out to Cameron!) walk me through how it works, I was hooked. My entire booking process and client management changed when I brought them on board. Here are a few reasons I adore Dubsado(and their team!).

What is Dubsado? A totally valid question. Dubsado is a business management tool that allows you to send contract, invoices, create questionnaires, and SO MUCH MORE. 

So why is that awesome?

Dubsado is an investment in my client’s experience. A few years ago, I had clients mailing me checks and contracts. Which is putting a lot of faith in the postal system and was SO SLOW. Also it’s 2018. Who has a checkbook? Now, my clients have the ability to pay their deposit, pay their invoice, and even sign their contract online with the click of a button. Then I can print them out and have paper and digital copies of each client contract. In the digital age, Dubsado is golden for booking clients quickly and hassle-free.

One of my favorite features about Dubsado is the dashboard. It basically keeps me sane. When an inquiry comes in and a client books with me, it goes on the lead section.  If a client signs a contract, the event moves from “lead” to “job”. Which tells me my next step is to send my clients their Welcome Package! Pretty neat! The calendar syncs up with my Google calendar which keeps me from double booking an event; which is super important when wedding season hits and I have 9 inquires for the same date.

Another super cool feature is the automation that I can set up. I made several questionnaires for my clients that help me gather important information that allows me to give them an incredible wedding experience. After a client books with me, I immediately send them a short questionnaire to get their mailing address so I can mail them a few things. About three months before the wedding, I will send another questionnaire asking for information about their big day. The best part is, with Dubsado I can automatically have these sent as we hit certain time periods with each client. And I can custom my message to each client so they get a personal interaction with me.

Below is an example of a questionnaire I send to my clients to ask them to choose a date and time to do a timeline meeting. That calendar is attached to my Google Calendar so my clients can pick a time that we are BOTH available. I love being able to add things into my form like this!

A quick love letter to Dubsado. The auto-reminder for clients to pay their invoice is the best thing ever. I love that I do not have to bug my clients when they have a payment coming up. The system just automatically sends them a short note reminding them in a few days they have a payment due. I love this feature SO MUCH and my clients love it even more.


Another great thing about Dubsado is that I can design forms and questionnaires to look how I want them to look. With other systems, you are limited in design options. With Dubsado, if I can dream it, it can be designed in a form. Which makes my creative heart oh so happy.

I would have to say the absolute best part about Dubsado is the employees. From the very beginning, they welcomed me and guided me through the setup. They are constantly rolling out updates to the program(Thank you!!), and they always ask the community what we’d like to see changed or added to Dubsado. If you are on the fence about getting this program, get it!! It’s worth every penny! If you are a client or future client, y’all will be enjoying the perks for a long time. 

In fact, I’m confident you will love Dubsado. So here’s 20% off your membership using the code: aisportraits. 

This post was in no way sponsored by Dubsado or its affiliates. All opinions and views are my own and I was not paid to write any of this. I just really really like my client management system. 


  1. Kylie Bills says:

    I need to switch to Dubsado this upcoming year! 17hats is not doing what I want it to for me.

  2. I LOVE Dubsado too – I especially love the family behind it. That invoice reminder sure does come in handy, right? p.s. your forms are SO pretty with your new site! xo

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