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At some point or another every one of my clients will ask what made me want to be a wedding photographer. I could be partially honest and tell you the story of how my older sister got a nice camera and I stole it to take Myspace pictures. I could also be partially honest and say I just fell into it and didn’t ever work hard to be a photographer. But both of those are half-truths at best. My sister did have a nice camera in her teen years, and I would borrow it for pictures. That is not the reason I became a wedding photographer. I did kind of fall into wedding photography through the mentor-ship of some amazing photographers during my teen years, but I had to work hard to get better at my craft; it was never a breeze, but it’s always been fun. The real reason I got into photography is my family. They are my why. They always have been and they always will be. 

Ais Portraits baby photo. Why did I become a wedding photographer?

(That’s me!)

We have this beautiful tradition in my family: every Thanksgiving, we go to the beach and take family photographs. We have done this every year except the year I was born. I love going through the photos of us over the years and seeing our family change. We had the luxury of having pictures taken every year because my mom had a camera and she knew how to use it. My entire childhood was caught on camera because my mom made it her mission to preserve those moments in my life. She gave me the gift of having tangible memories of my past. I don’t say thank you enough to her for that gift in my life. (I love you, Mom!) Why did I become a wedding photographer? Because my mom instilled a love of tangible memories, and I want give that invaluable gift to others. 

Ais Portraits. Why Did I Become a Wedding Photographer?

My mom wasn’t the only person to influence my decision to become a wedding photographer. My dad played a role in the pursuit of my dreams as well. In high school, my dad and I would meet for lunch every Tuesday and sit in his car and talk about life. I would ask him for advice on success, my budding photography business, and school. During my high school years, my dad realized that photography was not something that I was just going to move on from. He cheered me on with every step I took. So why did I become a wedding photographer? Because my dad believed in me and my dreams. It allowed me to believe in them as well. By following my dreams, I am passionate about being a wedding photographer. I don’t do this job because I have to. I do it because it is the pursuit of my dreams, and that is powerful. 

Ais Portraits Orlando Wedding Photographer

My sister played one of the largest roles in me becoming a wedding photographer.  My sister is two years older than me and smart in ways I will never be smart(she’s getting her PhD in a science field). I haven’t always been friends with her, but I have always looked up to her. When I first began pursuing photography, she didn’t always agree with my choice of hobbies but she always pushed me to be better(even when I didn’t like what she had to say). As I began learning more, gaining clients, and eventually shooting weddings, she became one of my biggest fans. I love sharing my work with her and brainstorming ideas with her. I didn’t become a wedding photographer because photography was something she did. I became one because she believed in me and made me realize I was serious about following my calling, my dream, my purpose. 


Why did I become a wedding photographer? My family. 

This article is dedicated to Lorna, Ken, and Shannon. I love you all so very much.

All photos taken by my mom.

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