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May 13, 2018

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This is such a sweet post to write! I want to wish all the moms out there a happy Mother’s day!! One of the most beautiful parts of my job is being able to stop a moment in time and really encompass the emotion my clients are feeling. I love spending time with my clients and their families and there is something so special about the relationship between a mother and her child. Here are a few of my favorite mama moments! Get your tissues out!!


From my most recent wedding in April. Sweet Sylvia and her mom Diane sharing a moment to let the day soak in. 

I love this moment!! Sean reached out to grab his mom’s hand as he walked to the alter. Such a special gesture. 

Anna Catherine’s mom, Cathy, helped her get into her gorgeous lace dress. 

Can you tell they are related? I love this picture of these lovely ladies!!

Danielle’s adorable daughter, Stella, came in to see her mommy’s wedding dressing. 

Hannah’s mom sharing a special look with her very soon to be son-in-law as Hannah walked down the aisle.

These sweet moments were captured on Megan’s wedding day of her sister and nieces. Aren’t they sweet?

If I could have a second mom I would pick Ms. Sue! And luckily, I get to see her again for another wedding this fall!!

Travis’ mom sharing a beautiful moment with her son as Megan walks down the aisle. 

Sometimes you need mom to wipe your tears. Love this moment after a beautiful prayer. 

Dog mom. Enough said. 

Gah I love these two! There was no shortage of laughter on Heather’s wedding day.

A gorgeous portrait of 3 generations. 

Arielle’s mother in law sharing a gift before her wedding ceremony.

After the ceremony hugs!!

This was right after we were all sobbing. It was such a sweet moment and full of emotion for Maggie and her mama.


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