Meet our puppy! Data the AussieDoodle


Aug 1, 2016

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We got a puppy!! Her name is Data, named after our favorite Star Trek character.(Any other Trekkie fans out there?!) She’s a 12 week old Australian Shepard and Poodle mix(Aussiedoodle). We got her from Juniper Crossing Farms in Quincy, Florida. Amber, the owner, was incredible to work with. She sent us pictures, videos, and kept us updated on Data’s progress as she grew up. On the day we finally got to pick her up, I cried. I have been wanting a dog of my own to love for many years. We lost our family dog earlier this year, and it was devastating. He was a wonderful dog, but I rarely got to see him through the years. Data has been such a blessing and comfort.

Data-Day 1-July-20-2016

We are currently training her by going to puppy classes at Dog Smith in Orlando, Florida. Our classes have been amazing so far. Data LOVES puppy class, and she has made quite a few new friends. I love that she’s learning the basics of dog training and socializing with puppies her own age. Have you ever taken your dog to training classes?

Data-Day 1-July-20-2016-3

As she grows, I hope to keep up the tradition of taking portraits of her. I want to document her life in photographs because time is fleeting and I won’t get these puppy years back.
Here’s a photo of the second day we got her. William, my wonderful boyfriend, bought her a Star Trek uniform. I kindly pointed out that it was the wrong uniform for the character she was named after. Regardless, she looks adorable in her uniform.

Data-Day 1-July-20-2016-7

Last week, I decided to capture a few quiet moments of Data in the morning light in my master bedroom. She was so peaceful and sweet. I couldn’t help but grab my camera.


Data had a wonderful play date with a puppy from our training class, and it was so much fun for the puppy parents.


Looking forward to keeping you updated on Date the Doodle! 



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